Your Tailor Made Concept

The Beginning

Our concept inspires from the Beginning Business of the Hotel’s owner which is “Tailor shop” We try to create the atmosphere in the entire hotel as the “Tailor shop” Since you reserve the room with our hotel, you will see the “DIFFERENT” how to choose the room and at your first step in our hotel, you will feel the “Tailor atmosphere”


Your Tailor Made

Your Tailor Made Room Style

Plain Suit

Inspired from the gentleman wares the “BLACK JACKET” looks very calm and confidence Decorated with then “Dark Mood & Tone” to make your stay a little exciting

Plain Silk

Inspired form the Lady wares the “LONG ELEGANT DRESS” looks sweet, smart and beautiful Decorated with the “Pink Brown Mood & Tone” to make your stay sweet and romantic

Plain Style

Inspired form the people wares the “SPORTY DRESS” looks enthusiastic and healthy Decorated with the “Industrial Loft Style” looks healthy and fresh

Your Tailor Made Service

We try to create the “Tailor Made Service” to accommodate all the needs of our guests. We would like to give our guest the “Different experience” which we never experience before.

Your Tailor Made Breakfast

If you feel that the Breakfast always has the repeated food, that are not going to happen again. With our “Tailor Made Breakfast” we have the “Daily International Breakfast” each day each countries. Such as

  • Thai
  • American
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean

Your Breakfast will never be the same.